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1 Neutral TiggrWeather - View Stats
Phoenix Weather Forecast and Current Conditions including SW USA.
(Category: Arizona)
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2 Neutral Pepper Ridge WX & Lightning in North Phoenix, Az - View Stats
Pepper Ridge WX & Lightning  in North Phoenix, Az
Live Weather for North Phoenix, Ariz. - Current Conditions with 5 min & Live AJAX updates, Live Lightning, Climatoloigical Data since 1997, Arizona Monsoon Info, Satellite & Radar Maps, Tropical Page, Weather Scripts and A Statewide Warnings System
(Category: Arizona)
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3 Neutral El Gheko Neighborhood, Tucson, AZ - View Stats
El Gheko Neighborhood, Tucson, AZ
The El Gheko Neighborhood Weather Station located in the Kingston Knolls subdivision of the El Gheko Neighborhood Association in the east side of Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is located in southern Arizona which is the northern part of the Sonoran Desert.
(Category: Arizona)
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4 Neutral My Glendale Arizona Weather Station - View Stats
My Glendale Arizona Weather Station
My Glendale Arizona Weather Station
(Category: Arizona)
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5 Neutral Glendale, AZ (Copperwood) Weather - View Stats
Glendale, AZ (Copperwood) Weather
Weather, Air Quality and Info for Glendale, Arizona and the Copperwood Subdivision Neighborhood
(Category: Arizona)
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6 Neutral Anthem North Parkside Weather - View Stats
Anthem North Parkside Weather
Anthem is a planned community north of Phoenix, AZ.
(Category: Arizona)
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