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The Succasunna Weather Station
Located in Roxbury Township, Succasunna, New Jersey just 45 miles from New York City. A Davis Vantage Pro Plus is used to update the web site every 2 seconds with current and historical data and live videos of the weather.
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GardenStateWeather BlogSpot
Video And blog Discussions...Conjoined to GardenStateWeather.Com
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Northern New Jersey WeatherNOWcast
Current Northern New Jersey Weather
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Observatory West Weather
Sussex NJ local weather observations. Ambient Weather WS-2902 with Ambient Weather WS-1000-BTH module feeding data through an AW ObserverIP, which feeds data to a DIY Meteobridge running on a TPLink TL-MR3020 router. Data is uploaded to WU, AW, and CWOP
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5 Neutral GardenStateWeather Portal - View Stats
GardenStateWeather Portal
New Jersey And The Northern Mid Atlantic Region's Complete Weather Portal
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