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1 Neutral San Luis Obispo, CA Weather, Webcams, Lightning tracker, Forecasts and more... - View Stats
San Luis Obispo, CA  Weather, Webcams, Lightning tracker, Forecasts and more...
Expanded Marine Section, Tides, Buoys, Waves. Weather conditions, live webcams, lightning tracker, extensive forecast selection, from San Luis Obispo, on the Central Coast of California.
(Category: California)
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2 Neutral Weston Road Weather - View Stats
Weston Road Weather
Local Weather for Scotts Valley, CA and the Santa Cruz Mountains region. Updates every 5 minutes, using a Davis Vantage Pro II wireless station. The web site has Forecasts, Radars, Rapid fire, Traffic and more..
(Category: California)
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3 Neutral The Altadena WeatherCam - View Stats
The Altadena WeatherCam
High Resolution WebCam and Current Weather Conditions from Altadena, CA. nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains just north of Pasadena.
(Category: California)
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4 Neutral Weather Cat - Santa Cruz Weather - View Stats
Weather Cat - Santa Cruz Weather
Weather Cat provides local weather and more for Santa Cruz, CA.
(Category: California)
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5 Neutral Acton Weather - View Stats
Acton Weather
Current conditions in Acton, CA, updated every 5 minutes, including a live web cams.
(Category: California)
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6 Neutral Weather at Doug & Joan's house - View Stats
Weather at Doug & Joan's house
This page show the weather data which is captured at our house in Livermore, California.
(Category: California)
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7 Neutral Weather in Boulder Creek, CA - View Stats
Weather in Boulder Creek, CA
Realtime weather for Boulder Creek, California. Current conditions, forecasts, weather imagery, custom radar, weather webcam, historical reports and solar weather.
(Category: California)
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8 Neutral Alta, California by Gold County Weather - View Stats
Alta, California by Gold County Weather
Weather for Alta, California on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada
(Category: California)
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9 Neutral The Granada Hills, Los Angeles, CA Weather Pages - View Stats
The Granada Hills, Los Angeles, CA Weather Pages
Located in the foothills of Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California at 1420 ft. Data is fed from a Davis Vantage Pro Plus FARS weather station and updated every 5 seconds. Additional data is from a Davis 6343. Operated since 2001 by Tom Tcimpidis, K6TGT.
(Category: California)
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10 Neutral San Diego Mission Trails Weather - View Stats
San Diego Mission Trails Weather
Full weather features for the San Diego Area. Located near Mission Trails which is 8 miles northwest of downtown San Diego California.
(Category: California)
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11 Neutral Union City, CA Weather - View Stats
Union City, CA Weather
Live weather using Weather Display Live software. Current weather conditions, warnings, watches, and advisories, SF Bay Area radar, satellite imagery, regional suface observations, and regional traffic conditions.
(Category: California)
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12 Neutral KE6JDC WEATHER-NET - View Stats
site dedicated to weather in the Long Beach Ca area (90815). Current conditions, along with 7-day forecast, local/regional/national animated imagery, Special Weather Statements, Traffic & Road Conditions, and Webcam
(Category: California)
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13 Neutral The Racers Net Weather - View Stats
The Racers Net Weather
North Lake Tahoe Weather, Lightning detection, much more. A very enjoyable site!
(Category: California)
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14 Neutral HaldermanHome, Corona CA - View Stats
HaldermanHome, Corona CA
A Davis Vantage Pro2 Station in Temescal Valley, south Corona, California. It is mounted near Luiseno School on a teacher's house. Elevation 1390'.
(Category: California)
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15 Neutral Rail Road Flat Weather - View Stats
Rail Road Flat Weather
Local Weather Station - Resource Page
(Category: California)
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16 Neutral Point Vicente, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - View Stats
Point Vicente, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Rancho Palos Verdes California, Pt Vicente lighthouse weather cam, storm track doppler radar, Los Angeles County neighborhood weather mesomap. Links to lighthouse, whale watching and local info.
(Category: California)
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17 Neutral Central Valley Weather - View Stats
Central Valley Weather
Yuba City, CA Weather Station: current weather, weather forecast, trends and history for Yuba City, CA
(Category: California)
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18 Neutral Lake Arrowhead Weather - View Stats
Lake Arrowhead Weather
Current weather and HD camera from northwest Lake Arrowhead
(Category: California)
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19 Neutral Morro Bay Weather - View Stats
Morro Bay Weather
All kinds of fun weather stuff centered around the weather in Morro Bay, located on California's central coast. Up-to-the-minute conditions, maps, radar, forcasts and area web cams. Fun for the whole family!
(Category: California)
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20 Neutral Eastmont Hills, Oakland CA - View Stats
Eastmont Hills, Oakland CA

(Category: California)
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21 Neutral Boulder Creek CA Weather - View Stats
Boulder Creek CA Weather
Santa Cruz Mountains weather station
(Category: California)
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22 Neutral Saratoga, California Weather - View Stats
Saratoga, California Weather
Live weather (5-minute and real-time updates) on current conditions in Saratoga, California (South-West SF Bay Area). Webcam, Solar/UV, Radar, Lightning, recent nearby earthquake data and free weather related PHP and Perl website scripts. Davis VP+
(Category: California)
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